About Bangalore

Bangalore is capital city of the Southern state of Karnataka, India. It is Asia’s fastest growing cosmopolitan city. It is home to some of the very well known high tech industries in India. Bangalore is known as Silicon city of India. Bangalore is also home to some of India’s premier scientific establishments. Bangalore is blessed with a moderate climate, gardens & parks, natural lakes, architectural landmarks, shopping malls, the best restaurants and more.
Some Facts About Bangalore:
  • Geographical Location Latitudinal parallels: 12 degree 8' N Longitudinal meridians: 77 degree 37' E
  • Climate March to May (warmest months) December to January (coldest months) June to September (rainy - southwest monsoon) November to December (rainy - northeast monsoon)
  • Temperature Highest maximum of 33 degree C to lowest minimum of 14 degree C
  • Language Regional Language: Kannada.
  • English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil are widely spoken and understood